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Dry Mounting

​To prepare a photographic print to go into a box frame, one common presentation method is called a dry mount. This will achieve a 'super flat' appearance that alleviates a print sagging within the frame.  This process can be likened to a reverse laminate, as it permanently adheres a flat backing onto the reverse side of a print. A pH neutral thermoplastic adhesive tissue (archival film) is used. 

We have our own specialist machine, and complete all cold, dry mounts in-house. It is a non-reversible process, and we recommend prints that have undergone this process to then go into a box frame. Not all papers 'like' this method, and we can advise you on any non standard or creative projects. Depending on the type of artwork it is, and your conservation requirements, there are other reversible mounting methods you can consider, such as 'floating'  with hinges, photo corners, or window mounts. 

For dry mounting, there are two, 3mm thickness sub strata, we prefer for the best conservation results...


A foam PVCA high density expanded rigid polyurethane sheet with added UV resistance that has a particularly fine and homogeneous cell structure and silky mat surface.


A smooth, flat, lightweight aluminum composite panel. The stove-lacquered cover sheet is produced in a continuous finishing process and allows for a superior finish.

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